Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today I read an article on Cnet.com about IBM's new technology with batteries. They claim to have found a solution to make the lithium in the battery react with the oxygen in the air to make electricity. This is important because this means that in an electric car you could travel off the battery for 500 miles. Compared to the competition IBM's battery wan travel over 200 more miles of one charge on the competing cars. My question is though, is the need for electric cars that great? Or is it good enough to have a fuel efficient car? Electric cars are really expensive, one of the new Prius cars is over $34,000! If you have the money laying around for that, why not spend a little less on the car and go for something with a V8 engine, rather then the "golf cart engine" in the Prius and other electric cars. Modern cars are pretty fuel efficient. I'm a fan of a big engine and the deep sounds of the car. Electric cars just can't deliver that.