Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Complex Character Development

Complex Character Development

Scout: Many of the following characteristics will be mostly about Scout's attitude toward Atticus.
Loyal: Scout is loyal to Atticus. She wants to please him. She is curious but usually Atticus is tolerant of Scout and Jem's shenanigans.
Caring: Scout cares, maybe not about school, but about the other things happening in her life. She cares about Atticus and Jem. She cares about Atticus's trial, and is very sensitive about the topic.
Devoted: Scout is devoted to stand up for Atticus, Jem, or stand up for what is right. She is devoted to hurt people that say, 'That phrase," even though she isn't supposed to hurt people.

Scout has evolved from a curious and playful child, to a more mature and sensitive person. She cares about her family, and cares about what her family does. She doesn't put up with people talking bad about her or her family. She, as well as Jem and Atticus, stand up for what is right. Sometimes they seem to be the only people standing up for black rights.

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