Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Places to go in 2012 NYTimes.com

Today I read an article about place you should go in 2012. There was the generic places such as China and Tahoe, but one particularly caught my eye. Space! Soon flights will be able to go into space. First for rich people looking for a thrill. The ticket price $200,000! But there is speculation that commercial flights will soon take advantage of the space travel. The advantages for this is that is is blazing fast, quiet, and very fuel efficient, this is because you can turn off the engines in space. Because there is not gravity in space once you are up to speed the engines go off because the inertia keeps you going, no more noise engines, turbulence (no wind), and no fuel burning, and much quicker flights. I really hope this comes soon for commercial flights because it saves time and money!

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