Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I read an article from the New York Times about Apple. Last February Obama met with many of the big technology company CEO's and wanted to have a Q and A session. Rather then Steve Jobs asking Obama a question, Obama had a question for Steve. He wondered what it would take to have Apple manufacture their products in the USA. Apple had a couple responses. Steve said that its not Apples job to employ people, their job is to make the best products possible. Also its not a wise idea to have manufacturing in the USA. It would cost LOADS more to manufacture and the final cost of the product. And people already say Apple products are expensive! Also there are so many limits for working hours here labor would be to expensive and in efficient. In China Apple made a last min change to the iPhone, and the factories in China were pumping out 10,000 iPhones a day. In the USA you could NEVER get those kids of results in such a small amount of time. Apple said that they can finish the product plan only weeks before it hits the shelve. Otherwise their products would not come out near as fast if they were made in the USA.

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