Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today I read an article on Cnet.com about IBM's new technology with batteries. They claim to have found a solution to make the lithium in the battery react with the oxygen in the air to make electricity. This is important because this means that in an electric car you could travel off the battery for 500 miles. Compared to the competition IBM's battery wan travel over 200 more miles of one charge on the competing cars. My question is though, is the need for electric cars that great? Or is it good enough to have a fuel efficient car? Electric cars are really expensive, one of the new Prius cars is over $34,000! If you have the money laying around for that, why not spend a little less on the car and go for something with a V8 engine, rather then the "golf cart engine" in the Prius and other electric cars. Modern cars are pretty fuel efficient. I'm a fan of a big engine and the deep sounds of the car. Electric cars just can't deliver that.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Complex Character Development

Complex Character Development

Scout: Many of the following characteristics will be mostly about Scout's attitude toward Atticus.
Loyal: Scout is loyal to Atticus. She wants to please him. She is curious but usually Atticus is tolerant of Scout and Jem's shenanigans.
Caring: Scout cares, maybe not about school, but about the other things happening in her life. She cares about Atticus and Jem. She cares about Atticus's trial, and is very sensitive about the topic.
Devoted: Scout is devoted to stand up for Atticus, Jem, or stand up for what is right. She is devoted to hurt people that say, 'That phrase," even though she isn't supposed to hurt people.

Scout has evolved from a curious and playful child, to a more mature and sensitive person. She cares about her family, and cares about what her family does. She doesn't put up with people talking bad about her or her family. She, as well as Jem and Atticus, stand up for what is right. Sometimes they seem to be the only people standing up for black rights.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I read an article from the New York Times about Apple. Last February Obama met with many of the big technology company CEO's and wanted to have a Q and A session. Rather then Steve Jobs asking Obama a question, Obama had a question for Steve. He wondered what it would take to have Apple manufacture their products in the USA. Apple had a couple responses. Steve said that its not Apples job to employ people, their job is to make the best products possible. Also its not a wise idea to have manufacturing in the USA. It would cost LOADS more to manufacture and the final cost of the product. And people already say Apple products are expensive! Also there are so many limits for working hours here labor would be to expensive and in efficient. In China Apple made a last min change to the iPhone, and the factories in China were pumping out 10,000 iPhones a day. In the USA you could NEVER get those kids of results in such a small amount of time. Apple said that they can finish the product plan only weeks before it hits the shelve. Otherwise their products would not come out near as fast if they were made in the USA.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Places to go in 2012 NYTimes.com

Today I read an article about place you should go in 2012. There was the generic places such as China and Tahoe, but one particularly caught my eye. Space! Soon flights will be able to go into space. First for rich people looking for a thrill. The ticket price $200,000! But there is speculation that commercial flights will soon take advantage of the space travel. The advantages for this is that is is blazing fast, quiet, and very fuel efficient, this is because you can turn off the engines in space. Because there is not gravity in space once you are up to speed the engines go off because the inertia keeps you going, no more noise engines, turbulence (no wind), and no fuel burning, and much quicker flights. I really hope this comes soon for commercial flights because it saves time and money!